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We are # We've showered you with some of the best Phoenix restaurants, from cowboy-made chili burgers to the city's most popular barbecues. The Valley Sun eats, we round up our favorite places to eat, drink, shop and eat at Lake Arizona.

This is not a complete list of all the great Phoenix restaurants, and it is a list that every true foodie should make. Let us know if we missed any of your favorites by leaving us your list of the best restaurants in Arizona in the comments. For more information about the restaurants at Lake Arizona or Arcadia Park, call us at (928) 888-642-5555.

This wine bar is located just off the LGO in Campbell and offers a wide selection of wines from around the world as well as some of the best craft beers in the region. Come and join us for a tasting session where our trained staff will help you choose the perfect glass of wine to go with your meal and create a lifetime memory.

There are many places in Phoenix where you can buy a burger and some are better than others, but our favorite place for delicious and memorable burgers is the Paradise Valley Burger Company. It is located on the outskirts of Phoenix and is one of the best burgers you will find in Phoenix. Our Italian cuisine is gluten-free when you visit us, and we assure you that it is the most delicious burger you will ever experience in Arizona.

The menu is easy to use and full of delicious options for all kinds of food, from salads and sandwiches to sandwiches and burgers. Try our scrambled eggs, chicken wings, burgers and a variety of starters as well as some of our typical dishes.

If you are curious about what a Sonora Hot Dog is, you will find the answer here on the menu. Try our quesadillas stuffed with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, salsa, coriander and a variety of other ingredients. If you have a little more time, you should check out both places, as we also get a lot of great reviews on our website and Facebook page.

re new to Arizona and looking for a good place to eat in the Mesa area, Worth's Takeaway is a must - try Phoenix Restaurants. If Farm Kitchen Farm on South Mountain is not for you and you are not a fan of their hot dogs, this is a must.

Located in two locations in Ahwatukee and Central Phoenix, Pomegranate Cafe serves delicious brunch dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients from local farmers. Specialties include pasta for dinner ($35), which is served with the soup of the day, or buy and take for $12.99. You can also get a free appetizer, lunch and dinner for two with the purchase of a bottle of wine or beer. Family dishes include a salad with caramelized cauliflower, flavonoids with healthy ingredients, a bowl of chicken and cheese, and a family dish.

The Gadzooks family meal costs $30 and is available for pickup - me - or mail partners and available at all three locations. The Family Meal deal at LongHorn Steakhouse starts with a family of four getting a slice of entree, salad and four sides for $20.

Get home - made sea salt potato chips on the side and the banana cream pudding for dessert is a must. If you stay in the park and want a seat, try Painted Desert Diner. Order your starter, salad and a side dish (it's obvious, but the bananas and cream dessert are a must). On-site food and beverages, as well as a selection of local craft beers, wines and spirits can be purchased.

If you're looking for the best pizza in Phoenix, a visit to Pizzeria Bianco might be a good idea. Go to the restaurant to buy a slice of pizza, or go to a nearby café or grocery store to get something to watch.

If you're one of those two in Phoenix looking for something out of the ordinary, Postino's is an excellent restaurant to take your dog to. Windsor, located in the center of Phoenix, is a popular place for its excellent cuisine, excellent service and a great terrace where your dogs like to hang out.

The ride - by which recently decided to open a sit-down restaurant in Scottsdale called Grand Stand. Located at the corner of 44th Street and Camelback Road, the restaurant offers great views of one of the busiest intersections in the Phoenix area. Arcadia is a popular restaurant with many customers in Phoenix and many have been in the restaurant for over 20 years. They are excellent professionals and know their customers and their business very well.

The variety of offerings is not limited to pizza, but is also diverse. The restaurant offers a wide selection of starters, salads, pasta, sandwiches, burgers and many other dishes.

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