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Any evening in Scottsdale, a line may form outside any downtown bar or nightclub. The bars and nightclubs of downtown Scottingdale are full, and Best Nightlife recommends Mint, which is elegant and chic but suitable for would-be VIPs.

Open until 7 p.m., it offers a music and bar atmosphere that gets even rougher as the evening progresses. It offers a wide range of food, from fried squid and shrimp and grits to burgers and chicken wings.

This elegant cocktail bar offers barrel drinks such as gin, vodka, gin and whiskey, as well as a wide selection of wines. There is even a "Rendezvous Martini Bar," which has now become a coffee shop (800 - 843 - 8724 is a popular restaurant) where you can listen to live bands, live music and other entertainment at weekends.

There is also a cozy street - a side terrace that has great people - watching in the heart of the entertainment district. The movie bar is fun, and the comedy club is also worth a visit, but don't forget to pull on your pants and go to Grapevine or Scottsdale's KTV Karaoke Cafe to go - go. You'll get live stand-up comedy, live music, CB Stirring and more, as well as a wide selection of food and drinks.

Flagstaff has many of the college towns, and it has behaved with many inviting options, so you'll see a lot of those options.

The Wren House Brewing Company in Phoenix will only be open on days 602 - 244 - 9184. Darden restaurants in the metro Phoenix, including Eddie's, Olive Garden and many other restaurants in the area, will all be open for takeaway and delivery. Cocina 10 at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix will also be open for takeaways and deliveries at 801 - 716 - 2222, with a limited number of locations in Flagstaff and Phoenix.

The Duce also offers weekly events ranging from steamy evenings with live music and burlesque shows. The club, lounge and music hall have a fully equipped bar, bar and lounge area, an outdoor terrace and a private dining area with outdoor seating.

The growing list includes a Phoenix-based restaurant group that includes award-winning barbecue restaurant Little Miss BBQ. The Charly's Grill restaurant serves a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, appetizers and desserts, as well as a fully equipped bar and lounge area with private dining area and outdoor terrace. Charley's Pub is the perfect place to listen to live music and dine with friends, family and friends of your choice.

Stetson Drive Lounge and Dance Club offers a seasonal drinks menu with martinis and other quality cocktails made from desert plant and local ingredients. The Casablanca Lounge often offers live music at weekends as well as a variety of other events such as dance parties and events. This is one of the most atmospheric places to enjoy dinner and a drink at the bar.

The Carriage House is a friendly neighborhood tavern in Old Scottsdale, where locals and visitors can meet in an unpretentious place known for its great food and beverage menu. If you like to drink in company or spend an evening in the city, you should have a look.

This 550-seat club is a permanent hub of activity, serving burritos and cocktails. The Rock Bar is also the perfect place to enjoy the glittering lights of downtown Scottsdale. The college town of Flagstaff, Arizona, is not only the gateway to Grand Canyon National Park, but has also spawned a vibrant gay nightlife in recent years. Live music, live music and dance parties, as well as excellent food and drinks.

If you're really in the mood for a big night out with gay clubs, Phoenix is the perfect place for you. Here you will find some more entertaining restaurants and bars. It should also be remembered that Phoenix, the largest city in Arizona and one of the most popular gay destinations in the country, is located just 30 miles south of Flagstaff.

The Casablanca Lounge is an ideal place to meet up on a date or chat with friends over a cocktail. This modern bar and lounge on Kongressstraße is a place for older people who want to relax after work. The gay bar Melrose Curve is a real eye-catcher - it's not a dirty word for karaoke, drag shows and dance parties.

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