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Casa Grande is the epitome of a small town when it comes to local events, where many locals and visitors come to enjoy them. Although it is a smaller town, Casa Grande offers the amenities of a larger city for residents and visitors alike.

Two of the 55 resorts are Encore Resorts hotels and include Palm Creek RV Resort and Palm Springs Resort & Spa. Both are within a 1.6 km radius of the airport and both are located on the En coreres property. The Palm Creek RV Resort offers a variety of pets-friendly pitches, a golf course, an outdoor pool and spa.

Take part in organised activities, go to a golf or bowling league or share your favourite meal with your neighbours for dinner. The municipal calendar includes events such as golf, tennis, bowling, swimming and other activities for all ages and abilities.

The municipal airport Casa Grande houses The annual Copperstate Fly - In October and October, there is an annual Copperstate Fly. While the summer is hot and humid, the thermometer can be expected to rise above 100 during the day, but the nights can be surprisingly refreshing. Although not as warm as some other Arizona cities, the winter climate is still delightful, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

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More About La Grande